Saturday, January 9, 2016

A DIY tools starting guide for building

On the daily I get asked "how did you get started building and how can I get started?". Simple, I was too poor/cheap to furnish a new home with furniture I dreamed of. I mean face it, buying a house is such a big girl thing to do. It totally sent me into a panic. So with stores (and prices) like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Anthro...It just wasn't happening because my insides were still trying to digest that I'm a home owner! YIKES. How responsible of me.

When we moved into our house we had the basics. Drill, screw drivers, a level, hand saw...nothing fancy! But I was bound to make our dining room table. So that's what we did with just a couple of basics. Circular saw, drill, screws...mind you I also stained and sealed this bad boy and I had no idea what I was doing. Don't believe me? I straight stained a board and left it, thought "oh it looks so pretty" mind you I didn't bother to wipe off the excess stain. Believe me now? 

So here is where I stand on the few items  you can pick up to start other than the obvious hammer and drill. 

You can almost build anything with just those things! Next, I'd suggest something easy to get started! If you haven't checked out Ana White you definitely need to but chances are if you're reading this, you already have stumbled across her amazing website. What you might not know is that Ana white has a book called the Hand Built home! Which breaks down a bunch of easy builds for you! Its a lot easier to follow her simple book than jumping straight into her site, it can be overwhelming! Start with simple shelves or a bench. Something you won't be upset if you mess up and is no big deal to start over.

Even today my hubby and I have found new, better ways to do things. If you compare a few tables we did this summer to the tables we have done this would be quite different. f you were to put our first build next to what we do now, you'd probably laugh (we totally did). Over time we collected new tools and now, if you name it we probably have it.

Remember that plans are merely a guideline. Measurements will rarely be the exact same. So measure twice, cut once and Good Luck! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Classic Curvy Headboard

My husband and I have been in our home almost two years now. I have probably changed my mind 50 times as to what style or what it is I really want. My bedroom has been the biggest struggle for me (really my whole house is a struggle). We have been through 3 headboards...not to mention we have been without a headboard for months! They just never last, I find a reason to not "love" it. 

Unlike most husbands mine actually had an opinion about decor or certain things so sometimes it makes things hard because what he loves, I don't always. Especially because he loves dark and I love light! So we are finding the balancing act between meeting in the middle. Especially because we have three dark hair dogs and live in good ol' Oklahoma (where the red dirt is REAL ya'll) which means light things aren't always the best option! 

So scouring through Pinterest months ago I found a headboard I about died for. 

Uh hello! How gorgeous is this?! I had to have it. So I dug deeper into finding others similar 

    Image via @threveinteriors instagram

So I knew I had to have it! Then one day we happened to be passing by the discount wood in Home Depot. I HIGHLY encourage you to pick through this section because it's 70% off! A lot of times you can find good pieces of wood. I just so happened to find roughly 15 pieces of fencing that really were decent and for .40 a board I knew I could make it work! 

So here's your little DIY! I totally scored ours for about $12, look around and search for wood on craigslist or construction sites! Otherwise if I did my math right it would cost you right around $100 for wood for a king size using 1x6 common boards from Lowes or Home Depot. Not bad but $12 sounds much better! 

First measure your bed for the width. You may have to play around and get different sizes of boards to get an even length for your headboard. Once Lay out your boards how you want them arranged. 

Next, we drew the shape we wanted to use. There's so many different styles! For this part I used some wrapping paper since it can be rolled out in the length of the headboard. We used a piece half the length of the headboard that way we could flip the template over and trace on the other side of the board. Please enjoy my husband in these pictures haha! 

I skipped taking pictures of the cutting process but basically dust off that Jig saw! Clamp your board down and cut following your traced line! Then onto the next! It took only 20 minutes to cut or so! Look at how fancy it looks! 

For the finish. Well we won't get started on my trial and error but ultimately I used Minwax Early American. I wiped it on, that way it wouldn't set to give it an uneven finish. Because they are fence boards the stain soaks immediately. 

Here she is moved in! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

B's Birth Story

This wasn't a post I planned on putting up but I did have a few requests to share and a lot of questions regarding our labor and delivery experience. After some thought I decided to share!

Throughout my pregnancy I had a lot of nausea issues. Aside from the constant nausea, throwing up, heartburn the rest of my pregnancy was pretty easy. I didn't have a lot of aches or pains, barely any swelling and my weight gain was minimal...I knew that I could have endured much worse but I will say I wasn't one that thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant. I did love the milestones, being pregnant is a beautiful thing and I wouldn't trade it for a second but its HARD. We did the typical first time parent things, plan the nursery, take birthing classes but there are two things I didn't do...make a birth plan and rule out a C-section. 

Around my late 37 weeks my blood pressure decided to creep up and that when I had some sudden swelling in my feet. Im talking SUDDEN. I looked down and I had elephant feet. I could just feel the pressure in my toes. Thankfully I was at a dental meeting, I was able to take my BP and call my DR. Of course concerned they wanted me to take it easy and come in first thing in the morning. It was on the higher end 150/90's. They were concerned but not in a panic. At that point they checked for dilation. I hadn't dilated or effaced any. At my next apt my blood pressure continued to creep and this time was 150/98. Thats when they really became concerned, did a non-stress test and put me on bed rest. Such a boring time! At that appointment we went over my options...with the way my BP looked he wanted to induce around 39 weeks. Inducing I wasn't opposed to, but I really didn't want to jump straight into a C-section if we didn't have to. Our doctor was great. He said we would try to do it as naturally as possible but not to rule out a C-Section. 

39 weeks rolled around, we got checked, BP was the same but we hadn't progressed any. We were then scheduled to be induced Wednesday at midnight. So here I am...freaking out! We were about to meet out little girl, after all the weeks of feeling her movements and celebrating her milestones we were about to hold her in our arms. This was so bittersweet for me. I've never had surgery, never had any broken bones and here I am about to have a baby. Scary! 

Wednesday night at midnight we got to the hospital, unloaded our stuff and immediately got started. They placed the pills on my cervix and we waited. Basically fell asleep and were checked every hour until 6 am. Looked like everything was going well so we started the pitocin. It didn't take long for the contractions to start at this point. It took me awhile to realize I was even having contractions, they basically felt like really bad cramps. Our doctor showed up not long after to break my water. That's when I received the epidural. 

After a long 15 hours of falling asleep in and out of it, we had finally dilated to a 10 and were completely effaced! YAY! So we pushed...and pushed and then baby girl was face up...they tried to turn her any way they could but she kept hitting my pelvic bone. There wasn't much we could do at that we pushed for a long two hours. That's when my heartburn hit and we pushed, threw up , pushed, threw up...oh the misery! It felt like I couldn't catch a break. Doctor finally let me rest for a second and gave me my options. Either we keep pushing for who knows how long, risk breaking your tail bone or we can C-section because I can't turn her....that's when I saw him cut his eyes at the nurse and I knew her heart rate had dropped. I had this overwhelming sense of "get her out" and I knew that was the best option. If you ask my husband though, I didn't quite get it across that way. I felt like my body just gave up and I pretty much just stopped answering questions or making decisions. So he told them yes and I think I just nodded. (If you are in Norman, OK I highly recommend Dr. Parker!)

So C-section it was! Was I okay with it? Yes. Was I scared out of my mind. Yes. Is there anything wrong being a C-section mama? No!

They prepped me, started to wheel us off, here I am vomiting in the hallway (literally threw myself over the side of my bed, epidural and all). Everything happened so fast after we said yes to our C-section. The staff was amazing. My anesthesiologist was amazing, he wiped my tears, held my arm, made sure I was okay and tried to keep my shaking to a minimum. Just like that, little pressure, little tugging, we heard our sweet girl! Breelin Whitley finally made it into our world at a healthy 8lbs 14oz! We held her for a minute, I just tried to take in the overwhelming feeling of being a momma finally!

Funny story: They had my husband escort her while they were checking her out, while they were weighing her all I heard from him was "omg! 14lbs" that will send you into straight shock! Good thing he doesn't do that for a living since he misread the scale! 

The rest of our stay was good! The staff at Norman Regional Healthplex was beyond amazing, the nursery was amazing, every single person there cared! I truly believe I made the best decision when it came to our doctor. He listened, he cared, he gave me options and never made me feel pressured UNLESS the situation called for it. What I do want to tell you is to stay educated! Research natural births, research  C-sections and get feedback from your doctor! I recently had a mom tell me she felt like a failure because she had a C-section, where I was completely okay with it. I honestly think its because I NEVER ruled it out and I never got my heart set on one or another. That made it okay for me. I knew what to expect. Now, did I bawl my eyes out the whole way to the surgery bet I did!

I really wanted to share this because I want you to remember having a C-section does not make you less of a mother, it does not mean you are are strong. A mama who chooses to go all natural and refuses a C-section, those mamas are brave but brave in different ways. Unfortunately, we do not always control the cards we are dealt and remember we will always do what's best for our littles! No matter the birth plan, no matter what you hope for and what you want your experience to be like you truly have to prepare for any scenario and try to make your situation a beautiful story! 

I really want you to head on over to my sweet friend Mally's blog and check out her story! I warn you, her experience is much different than mine! We endured so much together throughout our pregnancies to have a very different labor/delivery story! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oh My Deerling Handmade

I know, again, it's been a while since I've updated the blog. So sorry my friends! It's been a long couple of weeks getting adjusted with our little love! But with the adjusting I've felt myself just dying to craft and project. It really is what I love to do. I think maybe it's because it's what helps me clear my mind and kinda zone out from the world. As we go through our projects I've had a lot of interest in a personal page and we do a lot of tables locally. There's a huge part of me that wants to do more. So we are getting ready to do more smaller projects we can share with all of you! With that being said we decided to start a Facebook page for the blog that will also feature any items we have for sale and share all of the work we've done for you Oklahoma people! Plus it will still have our usual DIY projects! We would love so much if you joined the next chapter and followed along our FB page > Oh My Deerling < !

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whimsical Woodland Nursery

The last few months we have been putting the final touches on our baby girl's nursery. When we first started planning her nursery I didn't want anything TOO girly but as we got started that changed and the total girl in me came out. I wanted something sweet but not so "baby" so she could grow with her room. We knew before we had found out what we were having we would do a woodland theme, its just so sweet.

Of course we were on a budget, there were so many things I wanted to do in here but didn't want to fork out the money for it but don't think I wasn't tempted! Most of the things were DIY from the thrifted bookshelf, dresser, to her glider. Craigslist was my best friend! The only thing we bought new was her crib and looking back...apart of me wishes I would have just craigslisted that too BUT I also am concerned with her safety and I knew that buying new would guarantee everything was there and included! I love how it all came together! I hope you do too! So here is her finished, pink and gold for the sweetest little girl!


Antler Pillow - Society 6 Craftberrybush
Bunny Pillow - Homegoods
Swiss Dot changer/crib sheet/linen bed skirt - Land of Nod
Sheep Rug - Homegoods
Bird Stencil - Royal Design Studio
Wildflower paper - Rifle Paper Co
Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Lighter Mint
Thrifted Dresser Color: Behr Ruffles
Thrifted Bookshelf: White chalk paint

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Arrow growth chart

For the last 6 months I've had the stuff in my garage to make a growth chart for the nursery. I had made one for my sweet niece and intended to do mine at the same time. Here we are again, 3 months later and I just decided to finish mine.

Let me tell you how easy this project is. I've seen some recently at Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. You are looking at about $50 for one. To me, it's worth it, mostly because they are something you keep for a long time, recycle it as decor when they grow older. With that being said I also knew it was something I could DIY for cheaper and make it how I want.

What you will need:

1x6 or 1x8 at 6ft
Paint or stain of your choice
Chevron pattern-I used my silhouette to cut on but you can totally free hand one using some card stock paper and a printer
Paint brush/roller
Painters tape
Measuring tape

Cut your board to length, the lovely homedepot guys will also cut it down for you if you need help. Just flash them a smile :) Give the board a light sand and you're ready to stain or paint your base color. For my base I used a paint stain and layered different colors of paints. You can follow that tutorial here. I used the paint I had on hand, started with my darker color and layered it until I was happy with it.

While I waited for my paint to dry I used my silhouette cameo to make an arrow pattern and cut it to fit perfectly. I used the chevron banner from the Silhouette store. My board is a 1x6 so I made my pattern 5.5 in wide x 6 in tall to give me an even number of arrows. If you're not that picky then I would just use what you can just keep in mind your numbers may overlap the painted arrows. After I cut my pattern out I traced it onto the board starting at the bottom.

Once traced I took my painters tape and taped off the arrows I wanted to paint. Make sure you're taping the inside of the arrows you're not going to paint. I had to re-tape after I got ahead of myself.

Now you're ready to paint! I suggest a roller to avoid brush strokes. Regardless, I gave mine a light sand once it was all dried so it will remove brush strokes if you don't have a roller on hand. I let the paint sit for a few minutes and took the painters tape right off!

Let the entire board dry for about an hour. Once it's dry you will take your measuring tape and get ready to start your marks. I chose to only mark by feet, I didn't bother with the smaller hash lines.

When measuring you are going to start at the bottom of the board and measure up 4 in, this will be your 1 ft mark! (When you go to hang it up you'll hang it 8 in off the ground). Then mark 12 in up the board from your 1ft mark until the end ! That's it. That will make your board right over 6ft. Now of course if you're planning on having a basketball star you can certainly make this taller ! But we have a short family!

That's it! You can use any color, designs or keep it simple. What I love is that this can be such a keep sake to the family. You can add this to your home anywhere for decoration, not just limit it to the kids room. Remember to share once you do your own! Have fun!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Oh My, Remember Me?

Welcome back! I guess that goes for both you and I. I didn't mean to leave this place so quiet...

I actually left it quiet...then took it down...then ignored it...for three months. I mean I had this FULL plan to be back up before the new year. If you look at the date you clearly see how that worked out for me. Let me explain...

I decided after we found out we were expecting I wanted to change...There was just something missing...So I sat on the idea for awhile, passed it around to some of my blogger friends and decided to say goodbye to Treadway Made and say Hello to Oh My Deerling.

Although I ADORE Treadway Made I felt a little limited to the things I posted about. By no means do I plan on turning into a mommy straight blog, although you may see some posts every now and then, I still have full intentions of building and sharing our projects with you. That is what I love!

Now let me just pregnancy has left me super limited to building furniture and most DIY projects. Those projects I planned on, ended up not happening because I cannot handle the smell of wood.

That's right, the one thing that I LOVE doing, I can't because I will be running to the nearest bathroom and Im pretty sure my husband is tired of that! We turned the focus into the house, painting, replacing floors, trimming windows, working on the nursery...few things I handled myself, others my husband had to tackle solo BUT ALL of which I plan on sharing with you guys anyways.

So I hope you can accept my apology, to those of you who emailed/facebooked/instagramed me about projects on the blog or projects you've seen on my instagram...they are back up and if they're not posted yet, they will be soon! PROMISE!

I hope you enjoy the change as much as I do!